It’s Silly Season

So… unfortunately I’m working today and tomorrow. I leave home on the bike at my usual time, 06:30, and head towards Junction 11 of the M4.

As I take the on-ramp I notice that traffic is very light. So light in fact, that there are no other cars around. I indicate as usual, and move into lane 1, glancing over my shoulder (again as usual). No cars around at all.

Within seconds I’m at motorway speed. And the black car that appeared from nowhere in lane 2 suddenly remembered to put his lights on.

Then, going home, I’m approaching the Buckingham Palace intersection (the traffic light was green for me) when I see an obstacle in the road. It’s a man crossing the road (not even at the pedestrian crossing!) with two white Highland terriers in tow. I flicked my headlights to high beam to more clearly see what he was doing, AND HE STOPPED. I didn’t have time to find the horn button as I was too busy braking. He put his hand out palm forward to indicate I should stop. I pulled up a couple of metres from him and he calmly continued crossing the road. Amazing. I was too astounded to do anything else (by this time the traffic light had turned red).

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