Rain and the art of motorcycle maintenance

With apologies to Robert Pirsig.

So, after work on Friday I went out for a drink with some of my work colleagues, to meet up with two former members of staff who had left the company’s employ. Not voluntarily you understand. The place we went to was only two stops away on the Circle & District Underground line. As I normally commute into London by motorcycle it had been ages since I last took the Tube. So there I was at the ticket window. “Return to Embankment, please”. The ticket was issued with my change. That’s when I thought something was wrong. Five Pounds Ten!! For travelling just two stops on the Tube?? Daylight Robbery! And the powers that be want more people to use Public Transport? I can see why!

Anyway, I didn’t stay long (I was driving after all). Got back to the office, got kitted up, and climbed on the bike. It didn’t start. Checked the fuses and fiddled with the wiring – managed to get it going. Of course it was raining heavily all the way down the M4. The bike coughed and died twice, but then immediately sprang into life again. Turned out it was a short in the starter relay:

So I’ve ordered a new one. Unfortunately it will only be available next week, so for the time being I’ve had to bodge things. Here’s the bodge:

Hey, it worked!

By the way, the gear lever arrived, so that has now been fitted and works fine.

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