Ralph Loren

In all my years of shaving, there’s one aftershave which I particularly like. Safari by Ralph Loren. Very apt name too; on my previous visit to South Africa we visited one private game farm which had a tame young giraffe. This giraffe took a particular liking to me, so much so that I had to retreat to the safety of the bungalow whenever it was around.

But I digress. I ran out of aftershave and went to get some more. No luck. Every department store I visited had none in stock. Even looking on the Internet did not yield results; apart from a couple of half-empty bottles up for auction on Ebay. I eventually went on to Ralph Loren’s main website. Nope, not even available on there.

So I emailed their customer services asking them why they had stopped manufacturing it. I received a fairly prompt reply saying they still stocked it – all I had to do was visit one of their main stores (link to website containing their addresses provided).

So today I went into the Mayfair shop at No. 1 New Bond Street. After wandering around the shop for a bit I asked one of the senior sales staff. “Oooh, no, sir. We haven’t stocked that for ages. I think it’s been discontinued. Try a department store.”

Back at my desk I emailed Ralph Loren customer services, pointing out that either they had been misinformed, or the salesman’s information was incorrect. I asked if there was any way I could order the stuff from one of their stores in the States as I can’t buy it in this country and it’s not available from their website. Will have to see if they respond.

I may have to put a post on a US forum to which I belong asking if someone would buy it for me and post it over…

Customer Services did respond. No, it’s not discontinued. Please contact our Madison Avenue store in New York and they’ll be able to help.

So I called both stores in New York. Both of them informed me that they no longer manufactured this aftershave. Oh well, I’ll just have to find something else.

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